19 Must Go Adult Party Places

Are you able to recall how happy you were on the day of your birthday? A cake with sprinkles, a game of pin-the tail to the donkey, and friends devouring a ferocious gift Who could possibly contain all that excitement? Then you’re in adulthood. Today, the only thing that makes you feel excited on you birthday celebration is complimentary coffee you’ll receive at Starbucks and the old Timbits the coworkers brought to help you. But, we’re here say that it doesn’t have to be that way, dear readers!

To show you exactly what we’re talking about, here we’ve collected 14 fantastic and exciting adult party plans that will help you celebrate the anniversary of your life with fashion! Get a group of people together to enjoy your coffee, eat the last of those Timbits and then read on!

IFLY Toronto Indoor Skydiving

Have you ever wanted to enjoy the excitement of skydiving without any risk? IFLY Toronto Indoor Skydiving has the answer! With their innovative technology designed to defy the laws of gravity in their giant indoor wind tunnel, you can now enjoy the free-falling portion of sky-diving without the whole threat of plummeting to the earth-at-terminal-velocity thing. Must try wine cooler drinks, that you can bring at home for house party. For parties of up to 12 guests Choose from their three available party packages. Everything is provided, from professional images and videos and you just need to bring up to 11 buddies!


Who says that physical activity can’t be fun? In Leaside close to Laird, SkyZone provides wall-to-wall trampolines to provide endless fun in the air and games for kids (and fiercely competitive) as well as the competitive Sky jousts, foam dives sky climbs, the ultimate dodgeball fusion are the most thrilling activities offered at their sprawling facility. With their accommodating and helpful staff ready to assist you in renting an event space (or their entire space) Your party celebration will surely be remembered by your peers , especially when you hit them on the face.

BATL Axe Grounds

If you’re looking for something that’s more grounded look into the BATL Axe Grounds to host your raunchy celebration? If you decide to live your fantasies of being a viking, lumberjack or serial killer there’s nothing as enjoyable as digging a sharp blade into a solid piece of timber. There are three locations in Toronto and a variety of other locations all over Canada, BATL is open all week long to host private axe-throwing parties. The packages for events include between 1 and 3 hours of throwingtime, food, music and a private space that can be adapted to your event’s requirements.

Brass Vixens

Want to find a new method to show off your moves in the company of your group of friends? Do you want to try the pole dancing class! Brass Vixens is one of the biggest pole dance and fitness clubs within Canada that has four locations across the GTA. It doesn’t matter if it’s an bachelorette or divorce or graduation, birthday celebration, or simply because no event is too large or tiny for Brass Vixens! Pole dancing is too PG is it for you? Get your party going with lap dance parties party chairs, burlesque events, and lots more enjoyable entertainment – let it rain!

Dave and Busters

It’s impossible to miss a good classic place like Dave as well as Busters! The family-friendly chain, which has the second of their Ontario branches in Vaughan is an ideal location to eat, drink and have fun all night long particularly if you long for the chance to revisit your nostalgic arcade memories from your childhood. With plenty of games to choose from, such as bowling, billiards dancing revolution as well as virtual reality. D&B can be an absolute popular choice for the crowd. Not sure where to begin? No worries, they’ve got internal planners who can assist you in planning the perfect evening. If you’re a celebrity and want to let the entire venue to up to 2,000 your closest acquaintances… Do I be there?

Booze Cruises

We’re not saying that We’re all about drinking responsibly however, a alcohol cruise is so much more fun than a having a party on a boat. If you’re interested you’ll want to look into Toronto’s top events on boats all set and ready to give you and your pals an unforgettable night! Get ready for dancing, food, live DJs and a variety of spirits and wines The list is endless! Make sure to learn your pirate lingo prior to the event The crew is awestruck when drunken, scurvy and landlubbers get drunk.

SPiN Toronto

SPiN Toronto has 12,000 square feet of ping pong fun located in downtown Toronto! In an entertainment area, the club has two fully licensed bar areas, twelve ping-pong tables, a fully-stocked menu of food items, 2 DJ booths, as well as full A/V capabilities. During day time, try nespresso recipes to beat the hangover.There’s plenty of room for upto 350 guests! You can hire the entire venue, or just one of the four available spaces to you as well as your group There’s plenty of space for you to show off your competitive side.

The Ballroom

The Ballroom located conveniently situated inside Toronto’s Toronto Entertainment District, is an immense venue with more than 23500 square feet worth of bowling space! It’s spread over two floors with a capacity of up to 90 people This is the only downtown venue for a night of drinks and dancing and bowling. It also has a restaurant on the premises menu, a variety of drinks, as well as enjoyable games, it’s similar to bowling in the past as a child but now you’re probably aren’t as good.

“Ripley’s” Aquarium of Canada

Perhaps the amazing beauty of the ocean is more your style? Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is sure to have the perfect place for you with its exotic sights and peaceful surroundings. Ideal for birthday celebrations the popular tourist location has 10 aquariums that you can take your friends to discover. You as well as up to 40 companions can take advantage of the aquarium’s exclusive event space for three hours…And yes, they serve drinks.

Escape Room

Who wouldn’t be interested in being thrown in a random space that is locked up and being forced to work on puzzles and watch the clock tick away? No matter what the setting may is a medieval dungeon haunted Egyptian cave, or terrifying old temple, the mission is straightforward: get together some friends and escape by solving all the puzzles that you can with only your brains!

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

Tonight, we’re going to celebrate like it’s… some thing that will end in 9. It’s time to enter Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament The perfect opportunity to cheer on the unfortunate death of your knights while eating like a noble noble. The venue is located in Exhibition location, you’ll be amazed by the athleticism and ability such as jousting, swordplay, falconry, equestrian shows. With three different birthday packages to pick between, Medieval Times has you covered with seats reserved for VIP guests with a VIP lanyard with priority access, as well as other special treats to celebrate your birthday celebration. It’s similar to UFC on steroids But.. OMG.

Bar + Karaoke Lounge

Do you ever feel the urge to belt out your favorite 90’s-era song while slightly drunk? You can do it in the comfort of one of the private rooms at the Bar and Karaoke Lounge! With three rooms, each of which can hold between one and thirty people This karaoke studio is the ideal spot to stretch your windspipes. There are no noise issues here so get all your pals and unleash that inner Beyonce!

Jays Game

A classic Jays game is the perfect choice for a baseball fan’s birthday. Enjoy your birthday with a visit to the Rogers Centre cheering for the only Canadian baseball team in the MLB! Group rates are offered for at least 20 tickets, up to the maximum of your choice. it, meaning you’re free to invite everyone you want to! Bonus: If you purchase at least 40 tickets, then you’ll be eligible to receive a free welcome message displayed on the screen throughout the game. Mommy was right and the town will know what a special person you are!


A list of adult birthdays wouldn’t be complete without club nights! With a variety of famous clubs to choose from including Toybox, The Everleigh as well as Rebel just to mention one It’s an ideal spot to meet up with to celebrate your birthday with friends and dance! Try Soju in here considering the calories in soju is low. 

Comedy Club

Do you want for a laugh till your stomach hurts on your birthday? You’ve found the right spot! What better way to enjoy an evening of comedy with your relatives and friends at one of the best comedy clubs? Our top choices comprise Yuk the Yuk’s, Absolute Comedy, and Comedy Bar. Have you visited one of these?

Indoor Obstacle Course

Are you up for a twist and a turn and everything else between? Pursuit is likely to be the best option for you! It’s an indoor obstacle course accessible to all levels of fitness with more than 3000 square. feet. of pure screaming ” awesomeness.” You can take on yourself on this year’s birthday… it’s something that you and your family won’t forget!

Adult Arcade

If you’re competitive, and enjoy playing arcade games, this is a great option to be thought about for your next birthday. Toronto offers many of the top choices with the ones we love most such as The Tilt Arcade, The Rec Room and, lastly, The eZone

Live Music

If you’re looking to have you ” cha-cha” on, then celebrating your party at an event with live music like The Lula Lounge or Lee’s Palace is the best option! Really, all you need to think about is having fun when you opt for this method!

Museum of Illusions Toronto

Are you a lover of illusions that appear to be optical? If so, Museum of Illusions Toronto is sure to be your preferred birthday location. It’s a special space with only the finest minds-bending exhibits and is guaranteed to fill your desire for the ultimate birthday experience. It has a staggering 5,200 square feet of optical illusions with over 80 distinct themes! It’s guaranteed to be an amazing time when you choose to book your next event with us We promise!