6 Repositories That Can Be Installed in Kodi

You can find plenty of great options if you’re looking for new sources to install in Kodi. In this article we’ll cover the common Wizard Repository, the Super Repo, the Lazy Kodi Repo, and the T2K repo. These repositories are great for adding new content to Kodi, so check them out!

CMAN Wizard Repository

If you’re looking for a new repository for Kodi, the CMAN Wizard Repository may be right for you. This repository contains the latest car Wizard and cMaN Tools, along with libs and layouts for PyXBMCt. cMaN Wizard is a community-created repository that is regularly updated and highly recommended. Currently, the storage is on Kodi Matrix 19.3, which means it’s fully compatible with all devices.

To install the cMaN Wizard Repository, you’ll need an internet connection and Kodi 18. If you’re using an Amazon Firestick, you’ll need to install Kodi version 17.2 or higher. This build contains the cMaN Wizard, Asgard Realm, HumbugFlix, Exiguous, Black Panther, and other addons.

Super Repo

The SuperRepo repository is a vast resource for Kodi addons. Despite the name, the repository contains over 2,000 addons. Most of them are immaculately specialized in their fields. To start exploring this large repository, you can try any suggestion listed below. Open the storage and scroll through the list to find addons you might enjoy.

The SuperRepo repository is a reputable Kodi addons repository released in 2013. It has undergone several updates since its release in 2013 and features many addons for a wide range of niche markets. It is also compatible with filters and is supported in various languages. Because of the vast quantity of addons available, SuperRepo developers have divided the repository into sub-repositories for easy installation and use.

Lazy Kodi Repo

One convenient way to add a new repository to Kodi is to download it and place it on your device. It is possible to download a zip file for Kodi using a USB flash drive or storage device and install it from there. Downloaders are available for a variety of devices, and many of them have easy-to-use instructions. For you, we have put together an easy-to-understand infographic to help you with the process.

The Lazy Kodi Repository is relatively new in the Kodi community, but it has already made its mark. It claims to have a large collection of repositories and does all the hard work for you, which is something that not all repositories can claim. Arsalan Saif Uddin Rathore, a recent business graduate with experience in online marketing, an avid hunter, and a huge Kodi fan, runs it.


One of the best ways to find and watch movies on Kodi is to use the T2K 1Click Movie addon. It is free to download and install and can stream movies to your device with one click. You can watch free movies and TV shows in one click, and T2K 1Click Movie does just that. This addon is easy to install and takes up minimal space on your Kodi device. It supports the Real-Debrid account to watch premium 4K movies.

If you have trouble finding movies and TV shows on T2K, you can install the LazyKodi repository. This repository features a lot of addons, with skins and languages for all users. It also features many sub-repositories. While this repository is popular, there have been reports of T2K addons missing from the website or even unavailable. In that case, it is always preferable to use a VPN while streaming.

South Paw

SouthPaw is one of the Kodi addon repositories. It contains free live TV, movies, and TV shows such as Game of thrones etc.To know more about it, you can also read this article. The repository contains video addons, program addons, and maintenance addons. The program addons in SouthPaw include the ARNU Box Speed tester and Navy Seal Force Refresh. SouthPaw is an excellent addon repository to use if you want to add more variety to your Kodi experience.

There are many premium addons for Kodi. ReleaseBB is one addon that works with many premia Kodi hosts like All Debrid, Real Debrid, and Premiumize. Another Kodi addon is The Promise, a fork of the popular Oath. It comes with tons of quality links and a real-debrid integration. The Navy seal Platinum addon is also available in Southpaw. It offers excellent streaming links and regular updates for VOD content.