AI Chatbots: How Marketers Can Leverage It and What’s Coming Next?

For a few years now, AI Chatbots have been a big industry buzzword. AI Chatbot is a computer program that can carry on conversations in a natural and flowing way with humans.

For most marketers, it is a fantastic tool to communicate via customers on a messenger app. It makes sure that your message gets seen as, according to Neil Patel, internet users are 80% more likely to open a message via messenger coming from a brand. Thus, no manual system can keep up with the massive amount of communication follow-ups. That is where AI Chatbots come to rescue.

Today, businesses are utilizing the technology to satisfy customers and providing the value bots for services and communication.

According to Social Media Today, there is around 2 billion message exchange among customers and businesses monthly, while more than 50% of the customers like to message than calling customer services. Also, 53% of people are more likely to buy from companies available to them on messenger instantly (Hubspot).

How To Utilize AI Chatbots For Marketing Purpose

For those who are not considering it as a business tool to utilize, let them know that digital marketing Chatbot has undoubtedly gained momentum in the past few years. In this article, we will first discuss how AI Chatbots can leverage marketers to get the best of their efforts, including targeted advertising along with the shining bright future of this technology in the coming years.

– Perform Online Market Research

Everything comes down to results at the end of the day. For businesses seeking profitable growth, need identification, and customer targeting are two main goals to achieve selling their brand or services adequately. Marketing specialists are tasked continuously to find ways for better research and result in driving information coming right from their potential prospects. And AI Chatbots are the perfect vehicle to carry unbiased online market research and surveys.

Getting authentic information straight out of the customer’s mind can drive results better while connecting them to a company on more than a surface level. Today’s customers like to have a personalized experience more than ever, and digital marketing Chatbot is the exact tool to get them right there.

 – Assist Customers

If we are able to assist our customers as a potential prospect, we can definitely nurture more leads. Undoubtedly, lead nurturing, and customers assisting are two essential elements of every marketing strategy. However, it is incredibly time-consuming. AI Chatbots facilitate you by gathering automated information that you may need to create personalized message guides that can assist your clients through their purchase journey.*Y8sFwQX7NBVipKw0

Ideally, to make Chatbot in digital marketing; customer assisting smart and practical, try to find the pain points and stuck steps of your customer’s buying cycle. Also, conduct some split testing with those personalized messages to check for the acceptance.

 – Supports Mobile Applications

Just a few years back, every business was pushing apps as an essential part of their digital marketing strategy. Most of the companies created apps, and a lot of them were eating useless phone memories. Customers get irritated of downloading several data gobbling, and space-consuming apps ended unused or uninstalled.*uBZWkjYzhwUo0V_HSMduXA.jpeg

In a study conducted by ComScore, around 50% of smartphone users do not download any app in given study duration. Additionally, only 37% of respondents of the age group of 35-45 showed an interest in newly launched apps. The phenomenon is known as APP FATIGUE, in which there are a lot of app choices without any benefit of downloading.

To tackle this, Chatbots offer 24/7 information without an additional app. It supports every kind of mobile messenger application. Customers can easily access them with a single click, whether or an installed social app or a company’s website. 

 – Produce Personalized Content

Customers like to have a conversation with an organization who knows them by name. The advantage can alter the nature of communication entirely in favor of a business. Fortunately, AI Chatbots can be easily integrated with social media and can get the exact data of every single prospect with whom a company is interacting.

Whenever a user has a customer care inquiry, AI Chatbots can answer them accurately with a personalized and customized response. It can drive the conversation a step ahead by providing them with personalized recommendations and advises based upon their preferences and purchase history. As the content must be of high quality and error-free to maintain reliable brand image, it is recommended to check for brilliant content with Grammarly or Academist Help. 

 – Analyze Data

AI Chatbots can offer an ideally perfect opportunity for marketers to gather real-time and genuine feedback from customers. Mostly, people do not bother to spend their time completing a survey of writing feedback unless there is an incentive to do so.

Digital marketing Chatbot provides a softer emotional approach to gather information naturally by introducing questions within a conversation. Moreover, with the proper use of digital marketing, the information taken directly from a consumer can give you more insight into your audience’s needs. 

 – Send Recommendations

Undoubtedly, Chatbot in digital marketing can deliver quality information relevant to the customer’s needs. Also, they make interactions fun and exciting. There are multiple kinds of Chatbots customized to the marketer’s goals.

We have a perfect example of King Essay, where marketers conduct a live session with Chatbots on messenger to help understand the client’s needs and give them a tailored solution with relevant recommendations. This has been proven to enhance brand awareness and reliability.

 – Manage More Visitors

AI Chatbots are not only popular in uniquely engaging your customers; they are excellent in retaining them as well. Unlike other forms of marketing, Chatbots are proven to keep your clients entertained for an extended period. For example, you just send an amazingly engaging video for marketing or infographic to catch the attention with a strong CTA at the end.

A Chatbot in digital marketing is capable of catching your audience’s attention and preceding a fruitful conversation allowing you to send authentic information and relevant message regarding your products and services.

There is Much More to Come

With the tremendous usefulness of Chatbots for business purposes, they are surely expected to shine bright with the utilization of necessity.

 – Run-Time Insights

As people converse with Chatbots directly just like they do with their friends and family, Chatbots can be designed to take the communication to highly personal conversational settings.

The reason of their acceptance is questions that may seem to be annoying and awkward when coming from a brand are more acceptable socially when asking in a Chatbot interaction. Marketers can store and utilize this referred to personal information for the future to design and create a customized user experience.

 – More Personalization

As mentioned above, social ads have become more targeted over the past few years. Marketers are in a consistent search to find ways to appeal to customers on a personal level, whether via retargeting, direct email, or a programmatic ad display.*Xz_3XhhKuj-J8ET7.png

Chatbot in digital marketing can help marketers personalize conversations with individuals as they have 3 times higher opening rates (Medium). For example, a cosmetic company can share beauty tips with users based upon their inquired results, including skin, hairs, eyes, and nails. Then they can suggest their products, blog posts, and tutorials with them, which users may find useful. Also, it helps to build the trust of consumers, and they know where to reach in problem as they see your brand as a solution provider.

 – Spreading Brand Awareness

After getting useful insights and being more personalized with users, it’s time to spread your brand’s awareness. It is recommended to push brand identity to customers in a single direction with conventional marketing, including videos, banner ads, and billboards. However, a branded Chatbot is preferred to work as a live entity that can beautifully infuse brand personality into conversations to increase brand awareness.

The reason is, marketers can show their brand story with a Chatbot, which is far better than to tell them. A well designed and strategically implemented Chatbot like dissertation service UK can convey your brand story gracefully to facilitate sales, re-engage audiences, and generate profitable revenue for business growth.

Final Verdict

Concerning the ease of use and adaptability of AI Chatbots, marketers can rely on them for serving customers with the right edge. Thus, it is just the beginning; opportunities are unlimited, while possibilities are endless. It’s all about how you utilize it with creativity and passion.

Author Bio:

Claudia Jeffrey is a writer and a Tech-geek. She is currently working as a researcher at Crowd Writer. Apart from that, Claudia loves to keep her updated with technological advancements.