Best Interior Designers Share The Home Decor Tips Everyone Should Follow

There is a huge difference between a home designed by an interior designer and a home designed by a home decorator. Interior designing is a vast field that covers everything from the color to furnishing your home for better functionality. 

There are tons of decisions to be made during the interior design of your home, like painting walls, furnishing the rooms, etc. Everyone wants their home to be designed by an interior designer, but sometimes it is out of their budget. But still, you can have their guidance; curious to know how? Continue reading. 

Home Decor Tips Everyone Should Follow

Interior designing is on the cards whether you are doing a quick makeover or going for a full home renovation. Everyone cannot afford to hire an interior designer, so we are here to enlist the best tips shared by some of the best interior designers. 

  1. Make Layers Of Different Light Sources 

You cannot complete the design of a room without a light fixture, and according to some interior designers, it is incomplete without three light fixtures. 

Most people who design by themselves take the lighting in a room for granted, which is the biggest mistake. There should be three light sources besides the overhead light depending on the size of the room. 

Moreover, you can add dimmers to the lights to enhance the room’s beauty. 

  1. Go For Kitchen Classics

Classics never go out of style. You can give white color to the kitchen as it is decent and looks very classic. Giving your white kitchen paint and adding a walk-in pantry instead of cupboards will be the icing on the cake. 

Before you go for paints and other renovation, you must check your gas appliances by a gas safety engineer, so your appliances are safe to use. After the engineer has checked your appliances, he will issue you with a commercial gas safety certificate stating that the gas appliances in your kitchen are safe to use. 

  1. Use Accent Pieces

Some people mistake focusing on the big pieces like couches, rugs, carpets, and tables and overlook the small things. Small things can make a big impact on your home design. 

A good way to make the home more personalized and interesting is to add small accent pieces; look for pieces that match the color theme, like bowls and other decoration pieces. Moreover, small accent pieces give an elegant look to the room. 

Yes, it is correct that big pieces like sofas, carpets, and tables play an important role in the home’s look, but small decoration pieces and artwork can add a wow element to your house. 

  1. Try Before You Paint

Before you go for the paint, we highly advise you to try applying it on a small patch to see how it will look on the walls of the rooms, and if it does not suit the room design, you can change it accordingly. 

It would help if you painted small patches on different sides of the wall, i.e., the light side and the dark side, to see how it reacts to natural light. Some colors look different when there is no sunlight. 

The same rule applies to wallpapers. The best way is to hang wallpapers temporarily to check whether it goes with the curtains and other stuff in the room. It gives you time to think, and if you find a better wallpaper, you can change it.  

  1. The 70-30 Split

It is important to balance how much you should fill and how much should be left. It makes your home looks spacious and enhances its beauty of the home. 

The perfect proportion is to decorate 70% in a particular way and the remaining 30% in a completely different manner. The proportion is ideal because it keeps the balance and does not make the home look congested or too spacious. 

This way, your room does not look congested, and you can add all the items you want.

  1. Transform Old To New 

The tip has two benefits; it will make your home look classier and save you money. The step includes transforming the old stuff into new by working on it. 

For example, look at the carpet and see if you can put new colors on it to give it a new look, paint the already present to refresh its look, change the covering of the sofa to make it new, etc. 

Moreover, it allows you to decide whether you like pattern or plain, contemporary or traditional, and the color scheme suits the home. There can be various color combinations like pink with green, orange with yellow, blue with grey, etc. 

  1. Highlight The Fireplace

The fireplace is mandatory in the living room and enhances the beauty of the living room. On top of that, if you highlight the fireplace by giving it a color that matches the color scheme. 

A fireplace can be a feature of its own, and even if it’s not in use, you can still utilize the fireplace. You can place the candles or books in the center of the fireplace and use the top of the fireplace to display art and houseplants. 

A fireplace is a place where family members spend most of their leisure time during winters, so keeping the fireplace decorated and well maintained will add beauty to your home. 

  1. Don’t Follow What’s Trending

The tip may sound surprising, but if you ask any interior designer, he will advise you the same to don’t go after the trend. The trend may change, and you will have to change the design again. 

Yes, if you have the budget to change the design, again and again, you might as well go after it. We advise you to choose what you love because you are designing the home for your living, so it should be something that you love, not everyone else. 


Interior designing is a big task, and that’s not something you do every day, so it is important. Your responsibility as a homeowner is to consult a professional interior designer before you go for the design. 

We understand that it is not easy to first invest in buying a house and then pay a huge amount to the interior designer; therefore, the tips will come in handy when you look to design your home by yourself.