Best Tents in Qatar – You Would Find During Your Visit

The term “glamping” has lately become more well-known. The words glamorous and camping are combined in this relatively new adjective. Glampers can choose to go camping without giving up any of life’s little comforts. Instead, they can relax in camps, tepees, cabins, villas, chalets, and huts, most of which come equipped with double beds, carpeted flooring, and Espresso dispenser conveniences.

When you are visiting Qatar, you must look for activities you can do and places you can visit. So that you can have a better experience of the region, their culture, tradition, and several other norms. 

Gain Experience Of Camping In Qatar

You can look for a car rental airport to book a car for your services. This rental car will allow you to freely move around the city according to your mood. 

  1. Regency Sealine Camp Tents
  2. Tents by Outdoor 369
  3. The St. Regis Doha
  4. Marsa Malaz Kempinski Tents
  5. Private Campest Tent at Dukhan Beach
  6. Regency Sealine Camp Tents

Regency Sealine Camp combines contemporary elegance with classic Arabian design and is among the most breathtaking locations you’ll ever see, right where the desert crosses the sea. Even the air-conditioned bedrooms at this five-star glamping resort include all home comforts, such as luxurious robes, sandals, restrooms, and Wi-Fi. It’s the perfect spot to relax following a day of heart-pounding desert activities like quad biking, dune bashing, or perhaps a romantic camel trip. 

Visitors will round off the day with a beautiful BBQ under the moonlight at this advocate for environmentally friendly travel and protecting Qatar’s coastline.

  1. Tents by Outdoor 369

Family-friendly glamping is available at Outdoor 369. The location, close to Al Khor, has unique features and cozy touches to produce a pleasantly calming experience – within the desert. Visitors can relax with a movie date, equipped with a projector for an incredible outdoor cinematic experience, or enjoy the evening cooking marshmallows over an open flame and drinking a warm cup of chai. Unfortunately, the only people who can rent the cozy cabins that replace the tents are women and families.

This is a glamping dream come true for women among the nicest campgrounds in Qatar, with excellent amenities. Despite the cabin’s small size, it has a sizable outdoor area that is elegantly furnished with everything you could possibly need for a tranquil winter camping experience.

  1. The St. Regis Doha

While enjoying distinctive Lebanese cuisine from Al-Sultan Brahim restaurant, visitors of the recently opened St. Regis Hotel may enjoy a beautiful sunset of Doha’s famed skyline and the ocean from the hotel’s beach resort gazebos. Customized lunches are also available for visitors who want to mark significant moments in a discreet outdoor environment.

  1. Marsa Malaz Kempinski Tents

Marsa Malaz Kempinski is offering its guests an opportunity to eat an authentic Arabic supper in a personal Oriental Tent on the beach this wintertime. The unique Arabic dinner comes with an assortment of mezze, a varied BBQ station, a Zarb adventure with Majboos rice & kunafa, and an endless supply of soft drinks. These tents are unquestionably a part of some of Qatar’s top camps. 

  1. Private Campest Tent at Dukhan Beach

Although camping in Qatar may not seem like a natural choice, there is a good reason why so many locals enjoy it. With a decked outdoor space that includes a theater, BBQ, and free Wi-Fi, Private Campest, a local provider, travelers seeking outdoor luxury can book a stay in a fully furnished caravan at Dukhan Beach. This provides the ideal backdrop for nights among friends underneath the moonlight.

This specially designed caravan rental features a covered outdoor seating area with just an outside movie, a privacy barrier, a BBQ grill, and sometimes even free Wi-Fi. In addition, the caravan includes a tv, a kitchen, a table and chairs, a bedroom with air conditioning, a toilet, and other facilities. Another option is to rent horseback or a kayak.