Best Ways To Enjoy Winter In Philly

With a soaring temperature, high humidity and regular inclement weather, there’s never been an ideal time to cozy up and unwind. In the meantime, as we wait for the spring’s arrival there are a myriad of ways to enjoy this season that offers relaxation, warmth, and excitement at the same time. If it’s a cup of steamy, decadent hot chocolate, cozy bowl of chili or an in-suite steam room at Spa, or soaking in an outdoor concert with the warm glow of a firepit Philadelphia is full of innovative ways to improve the comfort of your home even with an icy chill! Check out a huge variety of ways to unwind and get rid of winter chills by using your local Philly Happening List favorites! Don’t forget to cast your vote on next year’s Philly Happening List HERE.

Visit a local Spa or Salon

It’s whether you’re receiving the full face massage or body sauna treatment or manicure/pedicure, or even a haircut This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy an indulgence that is relaxing and pampering. Allow your skin to absorb the much-needed moisture by taking a relaxing massaging treatment or rejuvenating one. You can also relax in one of the counties and happening Spas and salons.

Halcyon Floats

Relax and enjoy the Philadelphia’s best float centre! Also known as Sensory Deprivation Therapy. you can float effortlessly in a COVID safe setting as they follow all the necessary steps and enjoying an energizing and relaxing floating experience. Feel weightless when floating in a personalized space packed with Epsom salts. They are believed to reduce stress in the first 30 minutes!

Restore Rittenhouse Spa

Relax at this 7,500-square-foot space that has 10 treatment rooms, ranging from facials, massages, nail salon, saunas for women hair salons, as well as the beauty and makeup salon! The cafe bar is available on site to complete the experience while sipping special teas and drinks. Enjoy a virtual consulting with your skin at home from your couch.

Enjoy an energizing, warm Meal

It’s the Winter time a  perfect time to indulge in a variety of warming, warm and hearty dishes, including stews, chilis, soups/casseroles and steamy Italian dishes and spicy Mexican dishes that are easy to cook in the comfort of your home, and enjoyed at-home or through take-out from local restaurants. Look over the Happening list winners to find tasty ways to boost the temperature:

Three Monkeys Cafe, 

Let Three Monkeys Cafe do the cooking for you by selecting one of their fame-winning salads. There are choices like Crock of Onion Soup, Buffalo Shrimp, Roasted Butternut Squash & Apple, Grilled Flank Steak, Apple Walnut & Shrimp Tortilla or even brunch buffets for the whole family! Order in for dining or to take home.

Reading Terminal Market 

Get local, seasonal and nutritious produce, meats seafood, cheeses dairy, and other food choices while visiting local businesses in Philadelphia’s biggest indoor market! Browse the market and buy all the ingredients needed to make nutritious, warm meals and stock up your fridges and pantries!

El Vez

Get ready for the spicy season’s hottest flavor and relax with an array of authentic Mexican food, such as Sweet Corn and Poblano Empanadas Tortilla Soup, Mexican Chopped Salads, Tacos, Burritos and numerous other. Enjoy mild or spicy cocktails and margaritas. You can even enjoy the Mexican Hot Chocolate!

Sip warm Beverages

With recent temperatures often hovering at or below freezing, the need to warm up is enhanced and can be easily accomplished through enjoying warm mugs of coffee/espresso/lattes/cappuccinos, hot cocoa, hot ciders & hot teas. Drink these drinks at your home or while on the move at these Happening list favorites:

Coffee n’ Brew 

Come in on Mondays and Fridays, from 3-5 pm to enjoy a new type of Happy Hour that includes hot mugs and Iced coffees along with two-shot lattes for $2. In addition to happy hour, select from a selection of smoothies, including “Over the Rainbow,”” “Orange Sunrise,”” as well as “Mixed Fruit.” Try best nespresso recipes  to make your evening beautiful. Make sure to boost the health and taste of your smoothie by adding additional ingredients like protein powder superfood powder that is green and peanut butter. You can also add espresso for a caffeine-infused variation!

La Colombe Coffee

You can become a coffee expert in the comfort of your home, and enjoy the delicious, artisan blend of La Colombe Coffee! Peruse the site and select between dark and medium or light roasts, and green and herbal teas. You might also want to visit one of their cafes to pick-and-go service, with only a small menu of cafe items to ensure safety and avoid distancing.

Have a glass of wine or Whisky Tasting

With Philadelphia is home to brewery and wine bars Many are offering tastings that are open to the public along with various occasions to celebrate the season and relax with delicious drinks in a fireplace or warm outdoor spaces. If the on-site tastings don’t appeal to your importance, you can purchase good wine cooler drink and enjoy it from your home or through Zoom to enjoy a tasting with your loved ones! Take a look at these Happening Lists of wineries to find a few sips to enjoy:


As the city’s best-known wine bar, go to their Tria website and sign-up for an in-home beer, wine, or cheese class! Every wine and beer class is comprised of up to seven 2oz wine or beer tasting glasses or cans and the Tria snack, cheese box with a tasting mat and sheet. The cheese classes consist of up to seven cheeses samples. There are also two glasses of wine, and an information sheet for tasting. The above items are picked up , and classes are taught online at home.

Yards Brewing Company 

Visit the taproom at Yards Brewing and pick from Signature Ales like “Philthy,” First Drafts like “Grapefruit Pale Ale”” Ales of the Revolution or pick a flight and taste a selection of brews for your personal tasting. You can also order their beers online to have them delivered or pick-up at the curbside, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Warm-Up by an Exercise

Keep your heart pumping and work yourself up to a sweat and produce natural, internal heat by taking part in an intense workout! Begin to warm up in the healthiest possible ways by looking through the following Happening List favourites to boost the flexibility of your body and provide the ability to ensure that exercise is a fun and beneficial experience

Dan Campos Fitness 

Download their latest app and browse through what the content they offer. Visit their Facebook page to get the latest news and advice. As a gym that is full-service offering classes, open gyms training, individual training, conditioning and many more activities to suit any level of skill and interest.

Studio 34

Take advantage of a variety of live yoga classes through Mindbody at a cost of just $6! Peruse their website to find the full schedule of classes. They comprise Hatha Yoga, Align &Flow and many more that are offered in various skill levels. Additionally, two classes per week including Yoga for Recovery, and Meditation and Mindfulness are offered through Zoom and are based on donations. Other classes as well as special occasions are offered, as is instructor-training.

Pursue a Creative Activity

If the temperature is cold as well as the temperature is unseasonably cold one of the most effective and most efficient methods to get warm and relax is by engaging in a creative pursuit. Try visiting big banyan vineyard for a fun day. It doesn’t matter if it’s DIY baking with bake kits or creating your masterpiece using the help of a local paint shop There are endless possibilities! Take a look at this Happening List favorites to guaranteed spark your creativity flowing:

Painting with Twist 

Indulge your inner artist and paint a masterpiece or simply enjoy the therapeutic/stress-relieving benefits of artistry! Plan an in-studio workshop or private gathering on the internet in advance or purchase an artist kit to create your work from the comfort of your home with family and friends.

Homemade Goodies made by Roz 

Get the Homemade Goodies by Roz official cookbook and begin reimagining your favourite desserts and baked goods you’ve enjoyed in the bakery! Create your own recipes and add your own twist on tried and tested recipes. You can also decorate sugar cookies that you have purchased from the bakery and much more!

Iannelli’s Famous Brick Oven Bakery & Cafe

You can try your hand at cooking or baking, and you’ll become an Italian and experienced baker after a visit and placing an order from the Iannelli online catalog of specialty items! Create your own cannolis in the kitchen by purchasing a cannoli kit that includes 12 cannoli shells fresh from the oven and a frozen ricotta cheese filling as well as Belgian chocolaty chips! Fill your shells at time and indulge in a tasty Italian dessert. Additionally, pick up a variety of their own “gravies” to pour on pizzas, pastas, home-cooked pastas and much more.