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If you’ve viewed the Google review score in the past you might be aware that your rating overall does not necessarily reflect the number of scores your customers gave you. In school, we’re trained to apply how to calculate the Bayesian average to calculate the median of a sequence of numbers. While Googleviews Statistics utilizes the same equation in calculating scores for review, however, they also consider a variety of different factors addition to. Read on to learn the process by which Google determines review scores.

How Are Google Review Scores Calculated?

The questions about how reviews calculator calculates scores appear on mike’s blog and on the google support forum for business profiles. If you’re wondering why the score for reviews on Google does not match the reviews that have been posted on the page it is likely that your score doesn’t update in real-time and you have to wait a couple of days to see it reflect the average once new reviews have been posted.

Google on their help site, states:

The review score is calculated from user ratings and a variety of other factors. these calculations make sure the overall score best reflects the quality of the business or place.  After someone leaves a new review, it may take up to 2 weeks to get an updated review score.

In the past was when Google employed a method similar to the Bayesian average which could be difficult for people who were trying to understand the method by which the average rating was calculated. If, as in the picture there are eight reviews all of which are 5-star reviews, it would be difficult to calculate a 4.9 rating if you do the math. They stopped using this method in 2017 and have switched to an arithmetic average. If you’re trying to determine if the average rating is true in light of the number of reviews posted it is possible to use this helpful tool.

Google analyzes reviews using a variety of indicators, including:

  • Listing Optimization and Completion
  • Traffic to the site
  • Review Management and Quality of Reviewers

With this in mind, you’ve got greater influence over the Google review score than you before. There are several simple steps you can try to improve your overall score now.

Optimize Your Google Listing To Improve Review Score

One of the first things you should do to increase your total Google rating is to look at the business’s listing. Google provides a simple way to finish your listing, by providing you with the progress of your listing on Your Google My Business page. The dashboard will inform you of the important items that must be addressed to enhance your listing. Make sure you include images of your storefront as well as employees as well as your logo, hours of operation, and a background. When you complete this listing, you’ll boost your local ranking and increase traffic to your site and result in more favorable reviews.

Manage Your Google Reviews To Improve Star Rating

Reacting to feedback made by customers- whether positive reviews or negative ones is another method to improve your Google page and boost your overall rating. Make sure you respond to every one of the Google reviews promptly and provide the highest level of customer service. Not only will reviewers be informed of your response to them, but other users will be able to see the way you handle feedback.

The credibility of the reviewer is another aspect that can affect the amount of impact of a review’s weight. For example, a review of a user who is a part of the Local Guides program might be more important than a review written by an individual who has written one Google review over the course of their life. While you don’t have any control over whether the Local Guide leaves you a review, it’s good to know that their review could be weighed more heavily.

Even though you’re not in complete control over what your customers write, thankfully, due to Google’s algorithm, even a one-star review will not affect scores overall. A new listing, a high amount of traffic to your site, and a strong presence can outweigh a poor review, leaving scores unaffected.

User Reviews From Other Sites

Certain listings might show users’ reviews from other review sites in the area. They are generated automatically using data Google collects when it crawls the internet. Click on the name or rating or number of reviews from users to go to the website where reviews are posted.  Previously, Google made an algorithm to determine if business listings had a couple of reviews. They gathered additional information to calculate which the mean could be in the event that the listing had many reviews. This algorithm was believed to be similar to “the” Bayesian mean.

Since this was only a way to make things more complicated and confusing for business owners We believed that Google changed to the same technique of the averaging method that we were taught at the middle of school. But, we’re encountering cases that clearly show this is not the situation.

The standard of your ratings on Google includes more than numbers, so you’ll have an opportunity to experience loveable marketing for your business listing! Just as you give your time to your clients then you can commit yourself to develop your online presence. Put the same dedication and excellent client service on your Google business profile and you’ll be able to maintain your online standing. Google is eager to be rewarded for the job you’ve done and provides a complete checklist of tricks to assist you in improving your listing. Make sure you reply promptly to reviews, which will increase the number of visitors to the Google page. Optimizing your page and responding to reviews will help you beat that Google algorithm to the top of the heap.

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Why Is Google Showing Review Scores From Other Websites?

In addition to providing in addition to showing your Google scores on your reviews in some cases reviews from other sites like Facebook, Tripadvisor, and Yelp will show up as reviews on Google Search Knowledge Panel and Google Maps. The Local reviews are pulled from other review websites and then automatically included in Google listings as the search engine scans the internet. To go to the review site on which a review from a third party was posted Click on the review’s score, reviewer’s name, and the total number of reviews.

Handle Fake Reviews That Impact Your Review Score

A one-star review may not lower the overall rating; it may create a lasting impression for prospective customers. According to a study done by BrightLocal, 9 in 10 consumers are influenced by online reviews more than personal recommendations. This number underscores the importance of reviews from customers and the negative impact fake reviews could be. The fake reviews tend to include exclamation marks and make explicit demands. If you believe that someone posted an untrue review on your company’s website the best option is to notify Google.