How can I Troubleshoot TurboTax Error code 102345?

While opening a TurboTax file in the Windows software in case you are facing TurboTax Error 102345. This issue usually happens because of misconfigured system files. These system files do create registry errors in your OS. A lot of users keep on witnessing technical snags like TurboTax health insurance error or 102345. If you are stuck, you must apply the steps that are explained here. However, it is true that the users do witness issues TurboTax error 02 but that could also be fixed by applying the steps manually. 

What are the causes of TurboTax Error code 102345?

There are different reasons behind TurboTax Error code 102345. A few of the causes are:

  • You might face issues when you try to open a non-tax file on TurboTax
  • The error might take place if you do open a tax file from a previous version of the TurboTax software
  • There could be adware, spyware, and virus threats 
  • You might witness a registry error which is due to the installation of the programs over the old programs
  • There must be corrupt files in the TurboTax 

Easy and Quick solutions to fix TurboTax Error 102345

There are different ways to fix TurboTax error 102345. You can check out the solutions here. 

Method I: You can automatically fix with RegCure Pro

  • In the beginning, you must download and then install RegCure Pro on your PC
  • Now, you must click on the scan
  • And then you should click on the fix error button
  • After that, you must restart your PC

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Method II: You should optimize the PC with plumbytes

  • You must download plumbytes
  • Then, follow the installation wizard
  • You should launch Plumbytes and then click on the run a scan icon
  • In the end, you must click on select all and then click remove now in order to get rid of the threats in the system

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How can I troubleshoot TurboTax Health Insurance Error?

To fix HSA errors, you are supposed to follow and apply a few important steps and instructions. 

Situation I: If you are getting an error message which says ‘answering the health insurance question is no longer required.’ 

  • The user must select the health insurance tab
  • Then, select none of us had it at any point and leave all waivers blank
  • The user must now click continue and complete the health insurance section
  • The user must then instantly click on my account
  • And then, the user must select tools
  • Users should click the delete a form button to remove all the health care related forms
  • The user must navigate to my account and tools
  • And then the user should select view tax summary followed by preview 1040

You can read, follow and apply the above-stated instructions. You can go through the steps, and so you will be able to troubleshoot all your problems without any fuss or chaos. Executing the steps would be beneficial for you to fix the TurboTax health insurance error.