Pawna Lake Camping: A Guide to Camp Here in 2022

One of the most visited places in Maharashtra is Pawna Lake. Visitors come here from all over the nation to take in its serene beauty. The area is well-known for its overnight camping opportunities in addition to the nearby historical sites. Adventure seekers adore the area because it is a great place to spend the night under a starry sky. Camping at Pawna Lake is everything an adventure seeker could ask for.

One of the best places to escape the hectic city life is Pawna Lake. Visitors to the location can enjoy a variety of activities there, including canoeing on the lake, exploring the area, and watching the sunset. If you and your friends are considering going camping for the night, you can

Camping at Pawna Lake

Nothing less than a camper’s paradise exists at Pawna Lake. The location is praised primarily for its camping opportunities. In Pawna Lake, a lot of businesses provide camping packages. Depending on the package you select, you can take advantage of a variety of amenities while camping at Pawnee Lake.

Camping at Pawna Lake is a fantastic experience that you have never had before. This is an experience you won’t soon forget, from taking in the area’s natural beauty to lying on the soft grass beneath a starry sky. Although this unspoiled location is remote, you will still be close to the city. It is conveniently situated along the former Mumbai-Pune highway.

 The best thing you can do in life is to take a break in nature, far from the bustle of city life. The lake offers a wide range of recreational opportunities. You can go canoeing, boating, and engage in other activities there in addition to sightseeing. If you enjoy camping and other outdoor pursuits, you should go there with your friends and family. The best camping experience is at night near Pawna Lake.

Ideal Season to Visit

Maharashtra is home to the lovely lake known as Pawna Lake. Despite the fact that you can visit the lake at any time of the year, January through May and October through December are the ideal times. The state’s weather at this time is ideal for organizing a trip to the lake. It will be there in all its splendor, and the weather won’t interfere with your ability to appreciate how lovely the area is.

Schedule for a Camping Trip to Pawna Lake

Mumbai or Pune are the two locations from which to access Pawna Lake. Since taking the shortest route from Pune to Pawna Lake is something you may already be aware of, we advise you to take it. This only applies to visitors who are locals of Pune or other parts of the nation, though. If you live in Mumbai, you can travel to your destination from there.

Kamshet to Pune

By car or train, you can travel to Kamshet. It is simple to get to Pawna Lake once you are in Kamshet. All you have to do to get to the Lake is reserve a shared jeep.

You can relax by the lake on the first day of your Pawna Lake camping trip in Pune. While enjoying some snacks, take in the stunning surroundings. Beautiful hills surround the lake. The forts at Visapor, Lohagad, Tikona, and Tung are just a few locations close to the lake. The forts and the tranquil beauty of the location are a visual treat.

Participating in sports like swimming, canoeing, and boating will help you enjoy your Pawna Lake camping trip in Pune. Without taking advantage of the nearby water activities, camping in Pawna Lake would be incomplete. Your mind will be greatly relaxed by the picturesque surroundings and the clean air near the lake.

After cleaning up, spend the evening relaxing by the campfire. After that, you can enjoy a delectable dinner before drifting off to sleep amidst the tranquility of nature.

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After the first day, wake up early to see the magnificent sunrise. Take a long walk to get in touch with nature, and then have a satisfying breakfast. You can go swimming and have a great time in the water if you want. Kayaking, canoeing, and boating are just a few of the additional water sports available.

With your team, you can go explore the lake’s surroundings before getting ready to depart. And as a memorable experience, do enjoy night camping at Pawna Lake before that. The best feeling is leaving a place with lovely memories.

Mistakes to avoid And Dos

1. If you are coming from Mumbai, avoid taking the long, winding Kamshet route. The Dudhiware Khind route is the quickest one from Mumbai.

2. Keep a set of swimsuits with you. You’ll require it if you go swimming.

3. If you are afraid of the water, avoid participating in water sports activities. You won’t be able to cross the lake safely because it is deep.

4. The best operator in the lake area should be used to get the best experience. The cost of camping at Pawna Lake begins at 800 INR.

5. Remember to pack your camping essentials, such as a flashlight, first aid supplies, a camera, etc.

6. Dress comfortably and loosely as you travel to your destination.