Physiotherapy for Sports Injury Rehabilitation

There is much pain and discomfort associated with sports injuries, and often it is more than just physical pain, those injured can also suffer emotional strain as they would no longer be able to perform their usual tasks, or participate in the sporting activities that they love. It is important not only to recover quickly but also to ensure that the injury does not affect future performance or ability.

One of the best avenues for helping with recovery after sports injuries would be meeting with a physiotherapist in Ringwood so they can help you on your path to rehabilitation. 

How physiotherapy can help

There are many benefits to seeking out physiotherapy in assistance with your sports injury rehabilitation. One of the most obvious is that working through regaining your movement can help to reduce your injury time and speed up your recovery. Regaining strength and mobility in your body will also help to reduce the likelihood of newer injuries occurring, as well as guide you on how to move correctly again without pain or discomfort.

Physiotherapy rehabilitation allows the body to adapt and recover from the change in movement, and your physio will be able to assess your body’s movement patterns and posture to gently correct your future movement, without pain or mishaps. Improving your balance, coordination, strength and stability around the injured area is also an important part of a safe and speedy recovery.

Sports Physiotherapy may involve the following:

Decreasing pain and inflammation via hot and cold therapy

Assessing the range of motion of the affected limb

Assessing muscle strength

Protection of the area involved by preventing unnecessary movement

Devising a rehabilitation plan with the patient to help them through recovery

Educating the patient on what to do, when, how, and why during the process. This will help to prevent them from becoming injured again in future.

What common sports-related injuries can physiotherapists help with?

Knee Injuries – The knee joint is worked very hard when participating in most sports, so it is very important to make sure it is in good shape to prevent potential injuries. Something as simple as one awkward movement can cause a knee injury, which is why a physiotherapist would be highly practised working with these types of injuries. They will work to tailor an individual rehabilitation treatment plan with strengthening exercises that targeted specific muscles while increasing knee strength and flexibility. This will both help with the current injury and work to prevent any further issues.

Stress Fractures – Any sporting activities that put repetitive stress on your bones, such as running or jumping put you in danger of developing stress fractures. A physiotherapist in Ringwood will be able to help you identify what kind of movements put you at further risk and educate you on what you can do to prevent future complications by strengthening the muscles needed during certain sports activities.

So if you are someone who takes part in a lot of sports and wants to make sure that you are protecting yourself the best way possible, consider searching for a ‘physio near me’ to ensure that you are getting the care you need.