Seven excellent things to be aware of before working as an air hostess


Have you always wanted to travel the world for a living? Your opportunity to achieve your goals is now! Being an air hostess is a rewarding career that also gives you the chance to explore, develop, and learn. Check out this blog to learn everything!

Contrary to what many people think, working as an air hostess is not simple. Yes, you get to visit many different places and meet people from all over the world. But you also need to be good at handling difficult situations and adaptable with your schedule. Everything you need to know about working as an air hostess will be covered on this blog, including information on the top training facilities, programs, costs, qualifications for applying, pay, and much more! Let’s start with the fundamentals…

Who are air hostesses?

An air hostess is a member of the flight crew who works for a carrier like Qatar, Lufthansa, or another. Their main objective is to provide the maximum level of safety and comfort for everyone on board the aircraft. To do their job properly, they must be accountable, assured, and disciplined.

What is the role of a flight attendant?

As an air hostess, you must maintain a professional demeanour and appearance at all times.

Additionally significant and taken into consideration are physical fitness and clear vision.

Your personality is the most crucial element, and you must be friendly to the passengers.

Communication and linguistic skills that are successful are needed to manage the passengers on board.

Mental clarity is crucial in emergency landing situations. You will learn how to remain composed and deal with agitated onboard passengers in your training. Additionally, you need a strong determination to handle challenging circumstances.

Additionally, you must function well in a group.

Additionally, be ready to put in long hours of effort. Weather-related or technological problems frequently cause aircraft delays, which may result in longer workdays.

Best institutions and courses

Pay for air hostesses

See which company helps you to expand the most as you investigate more of them.

The best training programs for air hostesses include:

Air hostess training degrees (1 year)

Certification programs (3 to 6 to 12 months)

Diploma programs

  • The University of North Texas, first

A wide-ranging view of the aviation industry is provided by the University of North Texas, coupled with beneficial leadership opportunities and practical experience gained through projects and internships. You can learn from the best because the professors have experience. You can also receive scholarships to further your education in addition to this. This university’s graduates get fantastic positions with airlines and aircraft manufacturers, among other aviation and aerospace industries.

  • South Australian University

Students interested in aviation can access state-of-the-art research facilities and practical studios at Adelaide’s University of South Australia. It provides students with thorough guidance and an enjoyable learning environment. You can choose from a number of job choices once you graduate. 

  • Westminster College

The University of Westminster is regarded as one of the best aviation schools in the world. Here, you will learn about air transport economics, operations, and forecasting, which will open up a number of opportunities for you. International students receive lodging and scholarships in addition to enjoying a dynamic experience.

Basic prerequisites

educational background 10+2 years of college

Exams are required for admission to select colleges or admission based on merit

Skills English language proficiency, intelligence, professionalism, and a positive attitude

Age restriction: 17 to 26 years

BMI is computed using a minimum height of 5’2″ to 5’2″.

The average Salary is $67,000 annually

How is a flight attendant chosen?

An air hostess is

Males are referred to as hosts and can join the aircrew just like women.

Typically, candidates are recruited by airlines Your reasoning and aptitude will be tested by this.

The next step is a group discussion when your talents are put to the test, and the last step is an interview where your general personality is assessed.

You will undergo training upon selection for the following six months.

Training costs for air hosts

There are three levels of training available:

Degree program certification program a diploma program Rs. 1,50,000. It also depends on the training facility, therefore you should directly ask about the cost at an air hostess academy.

Companies that recruit air hostesses

Any of the following airlines will engage you once you have completed your air hostess training at a reputable institution anywhere in the world:


Malaysia Airlines

Britannia Air

The airline Delta

Cathay Pacific, United

In addition to Vistara

What do duties fall under the purview of an air hostess?

Introducing oneself, showing passengers to their seats, and explaining the rules of the flight.

Completing pre- and post-flight inspections, as well as maintaining the aircraft’s cleanliness and safety measures.

Ensuring that all passengers are wearing seat belts and that hand luggage is properly stored.

Supplying refreshments and meals to passengers.

Making statements on the pilot’s behalf.

Getting ready for a flight report.

Managing any problem on board.