Step By Step Guide To Clear Skincare Routine

Ever did you taking facial, but stopped where to start from? So hey, this is me a skincare junkie and in this article, I am going to help grab those freaking secrets that can help you throughout your life to maintain a healthy skin.

Like me, if you fear signs of aging skin too, stand up and start maintaining your skin to delay them. Please…. 

Step for clear skincare routine

So let’s not waste anymore time, and start breaking down the skincare routine in multiple effective steps;

  • Facial cleansing

A perfect skincare is your need despite the skin type you have. Be it dry, acne-prone, extra-sensitive, dehydrated, etc. You need to cleanse your face everyday twice. Missing the step means you are compromising on your skin and of course making all the collected dirt mad pollutant absorb into the skin. 

Cleansers are formulated according to the skin type and making the right selection can help your get better results. I have extremely dry skin so I am always careful about choosing the cleanser that do not take all the natural oils from my face. My choice is from the range of CeraVe cleansers

  • Exfoliation

Did you give a read to my 10 fun facts of scrubbing? Not yet, you really need to do that. Exfoliation is a crucial step too as those solid particles present in the exfoliator when run on the skin helps with cleaning the pores completely, offering skin a very fresh feel. 

Of course these also vary according to the skin type, so I always chose the one with AHA/BHA. But but but, this is something you need to do once or twice a week only. It’s not a regular thing so chilllll….

  • Toner

Toners are meant to clean your pores. If you are a beginner to skincare, learn why it is must for you to get a toner. Did you ever try rose water as a toner? A lot of people have been using them, and yes I have seen a lot of impact. Let’s start with the cheapest option and use rose water as toner. 

  • Moisturizer

For me, moisturizer is a life-saver. I feel, I will lose all my natural oil if I don’t preserve it with a proper moisture. So my choice again is CeraVe lotion. It’s just what I want because the layer u make keeps my skin clear and free from any pollutant. 

  • Sunscreen

After moisturizer, forgetting about sunscreen would be the biggest mistake. Making a layer of sunscreen is something worth the amount invested in the complete skincare routine. Though I hardly get into the sun, I still make sure that the next layer I make after the moisturizer is sunscreen. This makes me feel full of life and I go very easy everyday. 

Your skincare routine will boost your confidence, so if you ever think you skipping it, keep in mind that a clear face is a secret to confident you!