Things to know before Consulting a Cancer Doctor in Delhi and Gurgaon?

Like no two fingertips are precisely alike. Similarly, no patient’s cancer is the same. For instance, two patients have the same type of cancer and were diagnosed around the same time, but when looked at closely, their cancers look very different and should be treated differently. So it is essential to undergo a cancer test to detect your cancer type. The proper diagnosis is usually made using biomarker testing, which checks the specific gene mutations, proteins, and abnormalities in individual disease. So the way the testing is administered will depend on your particular situation.

Things to be kept in mind before consulting the doctor

So before Consulting a cancer doctor, one thing you need to keep in mind is that you must ask your doctor to undergo a cancer type detection test before the beginning of the cure of the disease. Over the past several years, research has advanced quickly in developing targeted therapies, leading to more effective options and better patient outcomes. Chemotherapy is still an essential tool for cancer treatment, and that works by affecting a cancer cell’s ability to divide and grow since cancer cells typically grow faster than normal cells.

 Chemotherapy is more likely to kill cancer cells, so you must be aware that such kind of therapy would be helpful to make your healing process faster. More accessible treatment, on the other hand, works by blocking specific nutrition and preventing cancer cells from growing and dividing.

These new therapies are currently being used to treat many cancer, as well as blood and solid tumor cancer as you consider treatment.

Enquire your doctor 

All the information about your diagnosis, including biomarker testing results, is essential to discuss your treatment options and goals with your health care team. It would help if you also discussed things like potential Side Effects, the codes of treatment look like, and how they may affect your lifestyle when meeting with your health care team. Remember, this is your life, and it is essential that you feel comfortable and included when making care decisions. If you don’t feel your voice is being heard, it may be time to consider a second or third option from a doctor specializing in your cancer type.

It is essential to ask questions to your doctor and ask whether testing will need to be repeated over time to identify additional biomarkers or not. Your treatment choice should be a shared decision with your health care team, and your options and treatment goals are; it is essential to enquire whether a targeted therapy or a clinical trial might be appropriate for you as clinical trials may provide access to promising new treatment.

Summing up

It is essential to advocate for yourself before Consulting cancer doctor in Delhi and Gurgaon, as you will get plenty of doctors treating cancer in your area. Still, you need to identify an ideal one for you.