Top 12 Emerging Augmented Reality Trends for 2023

The latest inventions in technologies are transforming science fiction into reality such as Augmented Reality. This technology has brought a new immersive experience in the real world. Augmented reality has now become a powerful business tool and one of the new milestones in immersive technology.

Various industries including retail, business, healthcare, gaming, and military are using AR to solve different business challenges. There are various reputable Augmented Reality Applications Development Companies offering the best solution such as Arhamsoft. We will now discuss 12 Augmented Reality Trends showing significant growth in 2023.

1. AR on Mobile Devices

Google is constantly testing smartphones with AR Core capability that has shown impressive growth in Mobile AR apps. The overall number of models supporting AR Core was around 44 at the end of December 2020. However, the last 5 belongings were mostly cheaper smartphones including Samsung Galaxy M20.

The entire latest iPhones are capable of running apps with AR after the release of iOS 11. Snapchat was one of the first apps that utilized its filters to use AR applications. Retail companies are using AR for visualizing furniture to help customers in making efficient decisions before purchasing any product. 

2. AR-Enabled Shopping Experience

Shoppers can try an AR-enabled shopping experience before buying products. It has now become one of the latest retail trends after gaining popularity over the past couple of years. More than 60% of buyers like to purchase from AR-enabled shopping stores. However, AR is expected to grow at a CAGR of 39% from 2021 to 2027.

You can improve brand awareness using AR as part of your service. It enables you to put your brand together with other companies such as IKEA, Target, and Amazon. You can stay competitive in an emerging online shopping world using AR for your business processes and marketing campaigns. It will enhance customer satisfaction with AR at the forefront of your online store.

3. Healthcare AR

Most healthcare facilities are efficiently transforming and healthcare professionals are providing the best treatment for their patients. The use of Augmented Reality in healthcare is one of the latest trends for 2023. This sector is expected to reach more than $2.4 billion at the end of 2026. There are around 60% of American adults and 40% of children seek to find the correct vein for drawing blood.

Medical professionals are struggling to drop that number with the use of Augmented Reality. It would enable healthcare professionals to find the right veins for drawing blood. Doctors can use AR to efficiently explain the exact condition of a patient. The integration of tools for EHR with AR enables them to view records on their smart glasses.

4. Team Collaboration Using AR

Businesses closed their offices and a huge bulk of their operations moved to employees’ work at home amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Almost 40% of full-time employees were working from home after the initial quarantine restrictions in September 2020. However, remote work offers huge benefits but it also features some drawbacks.

Any workplace should essentially have the capability to arrange team meetings and assistance for clients. An AR app developer can provide an efficient solution for bridging the gap. AR allows everyone to easily work together without the physical appearance in the same office. Users can utilize gestures and hand movements to communicate with team members.

5. AR-Powered Driving Experience

NVIDIA’s Drive is the biggest name in AR-Powered driving experience. Porsche has invested around $80 million in AR windshield tech. More companies are also investing in AR technology in their vehicles. The AR-powered vehicles sector is expected to mark $673 billion at the end of 2025. GPS is a more frequent feature for vehicles.

6. AR in the Gaming Industry

AR gaming is constantly growing and has experienced the highest share of investment at around 54%. AR developers are continuously developing games with AR elements after the release of AR kits from Apple and Google. Faster integration of AR technology into mobile devices is effectively contributing to its growth. Experts believe that the coming years will see AR games for mobile devices in the market.

7. Using AR as a Learning Tool

Augmented reality isn’t only suitable for healthcare, vehicles, and entertainment. Technology is efficiently making its way into the education system. Augmented reality in education offers an effective way for students to learn more dedicatedly. The contribution of AR in the educational technology sector was recorded at $252 billion in 2020.

8. AR Remote Assistance

AR remote assistance is the latest trend and is beneficial for businesses and customers. Most call center agents receive up to 55 calls in a day when customers contact technical support describing issues. AR combines live video streams with computer-generated images to provide technical support. The agent offers guidance to follow significant steps.

9. Insurance Industry AR

Most insurance companies use AR to define and explain to customers about different features of their service. AR enables insurance field workers to effectively estimate damages before the visit of adjusters at a property for damage estimation. They can remotely receive property photographs from owners to develop a 3D model of the location.

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10. Finance Industry AR

AR trend in the banking sector is aimed at helping customers to keep better records of their finances. The banking sector gets a rich visualization of its data and other services using AR and VR technology. The use of AR in banks provides benefits to both customers and employees. Banks around the world have implemented AR tech in their routine business operations.

11. AR in Marketing and Ads

AR is beneficial for ads and the digital advertising industry is growing with billions of active internet users per year. The global spending for these digital ads was recorded up to $399 billion at the end of 2021. Customers can use AR to scan products in stores such as makeup, shoes, and dresses.

12. Avatars on the Rise

These are related to YouTubers and Japan has currently recorded more than 4000 virtual Vtubers. They use a digital version of their face called an avatar. Twitch streamers use the AR effects of Snap for filtering to bring a virtual digital version. The usage of avatars goes ahead of marketing and social media with effective use for teaching and training.