Wine Tasting Bangalore! Hope into These 5 Best Places


Tasting wine is said to be an art that requires experience to judge the quality of the wine. A wine taster must look for clarity, integration, expressiveness, varietal character, etc by following the five basic steps: see, swirl, sniff, sip, and savour.

Bangalore with its ideal weather conditions has several vineyards in and around the city where you can spend some time with your friend learning more about wine making process and getting advice on what goes best with wine. Karnataka, the second largest wine producer (after Nasik in Maharashtra), is famous for its sophisticated and picturesque grape farming surrounded by rolling hills and lush landscapes.

  1. Grover Zampa Vineyard

This is the first and the oldest vineyard in Bangalore located on the foothills of the famous Nandi hills which is about 60 km away from the main city. With a rich history of having three generations in winemaking, this vineyard offers wine tours in tranquil surroundings and beautiful vistas. Here you can also catch glimpse of exotic birds like bulbul, tawny eagles, Asian paradise flycatchers, puff-throated babblers and blue-capped rock thrush making it a true paradise for the birdwatchers. This vineyard houses a tasting room, where you will get to taste the exquisite wines being accompanied by an in-house sommelier, a restaurant where you will be served Indian and continental dishes with suggested wine pairings and a cellar door for the customers to buy some wine. Spread over 400 acres of land, this place is perfect to give you a wine tour showing you the journey of the grape from the beautiful plants to exquisite bottles.

  1. Myra vineyards

Unlike other grape farms that are situated away from the city, Myra Vineyards is located right in Bangalore making it a perfect location for those who are looking for a splendid and gratifying wine tour without having to travel for long. Although they specialize in stylised wines in regular and vintage mode, they also offer white and red vines making it very appealing for a vine enthusiast. Being here, you will get a hands-on wine tour, learning about the winemaking process along with trying out the various types of wines helping you to choose the best.

  1. Kinvah Vineyards

Also known as the Nandi Valley vineyard, Kinvah Vineyard is spread across 250 acres of land and produces about 10 million litres of wines. Located in Yelhanka, Bangalore, this vineyard produces a premium quality of French grapes excelling in refined taste and fine living. The tour of this vineyard is more than just letting you know about the production and tasting of wines. Here you will be welcomed by a welcome drink followed by the factory visit and then finishing with a 3-course meal for lunch and a fun grape stomping session.

  1. SDU winery

Located in Malleshwaram, SDU is proudly India’s first female-owned boutique winery run by Shaambhavi Hingorani. They produce easy-drinking wine adhering to a modern yet simple approach to winemaking. With all the best machinery imported from Italy, this vineyard is being run under the leadership of the well-known Italian winemaker Andrea Valentinuzzi. Producing under the brand names like Deva, Reserva and Trilogy, SDU also plans on hosting an open-air vineyard brunch in the future.  

  1. Kadu winery

Earlier known as the heritage winery, Kadu Winery is India’s 1st wine offering with is not just another profit-making winery but a winery that even works for a social cause. This winery gives a fair portion of its proceeds to tiger conservation in Karnataka giving value to its name ‘Kadu’ which actually means ‘wild’. It also offers the opportunity of grape-stomping which is a traditional method of maceration used in winemaking. 

Here you will be crushing the soft grapes with your bare foot to release their juice and begin fermentation. Sounds satisfying, right? Apart from this, at Kadu you can enjoy a wonderful guided tour to have a view of their amazing grape plantations or can even use the tasting room to have a taste of their exquisite Kadu and Sula wines or can enjoy a delicious dinner at their restaurant. Seeing all this will broaden your knowledge of winemaking in a relaxing and enjoyable way.