Top Network Certifications for Your IT Career This Year

The IT industry has witnessed a huge demand for networking professionals in recent years. However, getting a well-paying job as a networking expert is challenging. Most employers seek professionals who offer a balanced amalgamation of experience in handling projects and professional networking certification. However, you must choose a certification course carefully as all the courses do not offer equal benefits and priority during the recruitment process.

To help you make an efficient decision, here is a list of the best networking certification to keep you ahead of your competitors.

Top Network Certifications for Your IT Career This Year

  1. CCNP 

Cisco networking certification has 6 levels which include architect, entry, expert, specialist, associate, and professional. CCNP is a professional certification program that offers multiple networking specialities like IT collaboration, data centres, DevOps, and security. Professionals who have this certification possess excellent knowledge and understanding of the fundamental functions of each speciality for networking tasks.

  1. SolarWinds Certified Professional or SCP

This IT company provides networking tools that are broadly used by networking organisations throughout the world. SCP validates a professional’s high competence in operation, installation, and troubleshooting abilities. Before taking the exam for SCP, candidates need to choose either the server and application monitoring track or the network performance monitor track. Both paths test the candidate’s ability to manage systems, databases, and networks in SolarWinds.

  1. Wireshark Certified Network Analyst

It is popularly known as WCNA. This networking certification familiarises IT professionals with the Wireshark networking tools. To pass the exam, candidates need to have a thorough knowledge of Wireshark functionality, network troubleshooting, security practices, and IP/TCP communication. Earning this certification displays a professional’s aptitude for system optimisation and network forensics. 

  1. CCIE

This is regarded as one of the best Cisco courses for networking professionals. This course is designed especially for professionals with the high designation. To get this Cisco certification, professionals need to focus on any one of the different tracks with particular tests, such as CCIE wireless or CCIE routing. Moreover, candidates are also required to complete an 8-hour practical lab task which consists of networking concept application to tangible objectives.

  1. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

AWS is a widely used cloud computing tool. It is an entry-level certification to start an IT career. Therefore, if you want to enter the IT industry, consider taking this certification which covers the fundamental principles of cloud compliance and architecture.

  1. F5 Network Certified Technology Specialist

This networking certification validates a professional’s ability and knowledge for optimising network performance at a given time by managing traffic, security, server task, and virtual authorisation policy. To get this certification, candidates need to qualify for a written exam that includes questions on the key concepts of networking.

  1. Juniper Networks Certified Associate

This is an associate-level certification for networking professionals. This certification is suitable for those professionals who want to upgrade their skills to remain competitive in the networking sector. Candidates receive this certification from Juniper Network after qualifying for an exam.

  1. CCNA

This is an associate-level certification offered by Cisco. It requires candidates to have knowledge of various fundamental networking techniques such as network access, IP services, IP connectivity, automation, Programming, and security. To stand a better chance of scoring good marks in this exam, candidates must consider joining the CNA training program, which offers thorough guidance.

  1. Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect

Cloud networking has become highly prevalent with the evolution of technological advancement. Therefore, getting a GCP certification can help professionals secure a career in the networking sector. This certification validates a professional’s ability to design and manage companies’ networks with complete security using cloud systems.

  1. Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

Microsoft is a widely used cloud system across different companies in the world. Therefore, this networking certification is preferred by many employers worldwide. To qualify for this certification exam, candidates need to have comprehensive knowledge of application support, handling and storage of data using Microsoft Azure infrastructure. Moreover, after earning the foundational Azure certification, professionals can take expert-level tests to upgrade their skills for senior job positions.

  1. Citrix Certified Network Associate

Professionals who aim to work with the Citrix NetScaler systems need to perdue this certification, which validates their ability to develop digital networks and efficiently manage traffic. To earn this certification, candidates are required to prove their knowledge of Netscaler getaways, troubleshooting, optimization techniques, and several other fundamental skills.


Organisations or businesses that use computers and virtual marketing platforms require networking professionals. The present scenario already has a great demand for IT professionals with great networking skills, and this demand is expected to increase in the coming years. Therefore, if you want to enter this field, it is crucial to get a networking certification according to your experience and upgrade your skills with time.