Web Design and Development: Everything You Need To Know

Technology is omnipresent and revolutionizing every aspect of human life. Be it solving a mathematical solution and deriving a universe of models or simply taking a doctor’s consideration for a cold, technology has made every service accessible through simple few clicks. A new pillar of the economy emerged with the transformation of communication and the invention of the internet, the backbone of the world, eCommerce. The purpose of the invention of the world wide web might be global information exchange but today it serves as the solution to everything, a necessity to human life. Undoubtedly, our future ecosystem is cyberspace filled with feature-enriched applications and websites. However, presence and visibility on the internet aren’t a child’s game. Sorting through algorithms, responsive designs, finding innovative components, dynamic functional web pages, content management, data optimization, and Prioritization is just a few to name. 

The roles of a web developer aren’t limited to coding or graphic designing but dutifully extend to strategy development, market research, and competitive application creation. 

Let’s explore in detail all the things related to web development.

Who is a web developer?

As a noun, any person working on creating a website or application is a web developer. But within the universal set, there are front-end developers, back developers, and the ever-talented full-stack developers. Web development not only covers designing and responsive user-friendly components, placement of fonts, and aesthetic of the brand but the creation of a supporting database framework for the secure and smooth functioning of the website. It further also included content management, data analysis, and feedback management systems. A website is as functioning as a physical store, if not more.  Be it any industry today, e-learning or gaming, social media networking, or grocery shopping, every firm needs credibility and visibility on the internet. And what better way to achieve this than a website?

Who handles what?

Each developer has knowledge and understanding of detailed website models but each developer will be working on specific functions on the website as per experience and convenience. The whole website can be divided into two components, UI UX designing and content selection followed by database creation and management. The first falls under the forte of a front-end developer and the latter is covered by a back-end developer. The mixture of skills two yields a full stack developer, efficient in assisting in both fields. In the world of tech, both developers hold equal importance and credit for neither an unappealing website gains customers nor a cyber attack-prone and inaccessible website. To create a successful product, an intricate balance of two has to be maintained. 

Front-end developers usually work with HTML and CSS, the core of web development, and suggest edits for drop-downs, hyperlinks, font arrangement, color palette, buttons placement and SEO content for impressive readings, Back end developers engage themselves in creating robust, scalable, secure communication channels with customers along with servers creation, database management systems integration and data storage. CWS, a web design company in Dubai is an esteemed name in the domain of web development, working with proficient and professional developers. When looking to hire developers in Dubai, choose CWS Technology undoubtedly. 

How to be a web developer?

Naturally, the next question arises in many minds is, what are the skills required to be a web developer? What qualities distinguish a developer in their field? When it comes to web development, there are no thousand lines of code or hours of desk work. A web developer works with imagination and peace, bringing the vision of the client to a functioning and innovative website. At the same time, web developers also ensure debugging and testing of the product, creating a launch-ready application. Market knowledge is a must for developers to support a firm’s growth and build an upper-edge gaining product for the market. If you are looking to be a web developer, learn these things first. 


Expanded as HyperText Markup Language, this is the foundation of any website development. Any webpage on the internet is started from HTML and then upgraded with CSS and JavaScript. HTML with easy syntax and the requirement of only a text editor and browser provided the basic structure of content and graphic placement on the website. Further, the design is made interactive and aesthetic with help of CSS, cascading style sheets, and an essential library just for styling web pages. 


The user interaction part of a website is brought by features of Javascript with interactive elements, 3D graphics, and more. HTML and CSS give structure and layout to web pages, and the interaction and expression are added by JavaScript. Responsive pages are a striking feature of JS. 

API- Application programming interface 

While we talked about the front end, the functionality of the website is supported by APIs. This allows developers to interact with third-party data and use various functionalities without sharing the code. There are thousands of open-source APIs to explore and adapt from, along with an appreciative community to engage with. 


Web development has grown exponentially over the last two decades and in the future of tech, Metaverse will play an active role. Web development as a career and marketing option holds immense potential, something every businessman should gain benefit from. There wouldn’t be a better time to invest in a web development company.