What is Candy Apple – Everything you Need to Know About it?

This article is to cover the facts about candy apples, so let’s get started. You may find this helpful; at first, we should know what exactly the candy apple is.

What is a Candy Apple?

Candy apple, as the name indicates, is an apple that is entirely sheathed with sugar candy coating with a stick inside it functioning as a handle. Many people get confused with caramel apples and candy apples; to differentiate, candy apples are vigorous red-colored treats that hit the shelves around Halloween. It is a delicious treat that is hard to resist, and everyone, at some point in their lives, tasted it. 

Facts about Candy Apple:

There are many more things to know about the Candy Apples, which are as follows, so let’s dive in:

More than 100 years old:

The candy apples were made in the year 1908, to be precise, as per the research and what the data indicates. It has been over 100 years that we have been cherishing these delicious treats. But many believe that these candy apples were acquired using the technique Arabs used in markets and homes to candy fruits as a way of preserving them.

Confusion with Caramel Apples

Many people around the globe call candy apples by different names; people call candy apples a name of toffee apples outside the US and Canada, and also, many call them caramel apples, using caramel and candy conversely. But there is a difference between a candy apple, a caramel apple, a toffee apple, and a jelly apple. There is not a huge difference, but there is a difference nonetheless. The main difference is the coating because every coating is made differently and applied differently to the apple.

The First Ever Candy Apple was for Display:

The candy apples were not made on purpose; it was more of an accident. The manufacturer of the candy apple, who had a name Kolb was seeking to enhance his sales ratio for the cinnamon candy during the season of Christmas. He used an apple on the stick to display magnified candy in the shop window. From there, the new treat of candy apples grabbed people’s attention, and it was not long before he was selling thousands of them every year.

They are Useful for Health:

These candy apples are healthier than you think as they have a small proportion of calories, ranging from 200 to 300, and contain very little fat. But these figures depend on the ingredients and the ratio you use for the coating. It also prevents heart disease as the fiber in apples helps increase the good cholesterol and decrease the bad one. As we all know, an apple a day keeps the doctor away; and helps prevent blood pressure. Apples have a flavonoid comprehended as quercetin which assists in descend the chance of a stroke.

Best Candy Apples Achieve in Fall:

Yes, we know the apple harvesting season occurs in the fall, but there is another reason for the best candy apples being achieved in the fall. A sugar coating is a primary aspect of giving an apple a taste of candy apple, and the hard layer of sugar coating does not set correctly in the hot and humid weather and conditions. That is why fall is the best season for the candy apple, as a layer of sugar coating, can set perfectly in fall.

How Crucial is the Packaging of Candy Apples?

We know how popular these candy apple treats are, so it becomes crucial to pack them in an efficient manner and appropriate candy apple boxes. The attractive candy apple packaging boxes make the candy apples even more appealing and tasty. It enhances the visual impact of the treats on the customers, which is among the objectives of good packaging. People like to buy things that attract them, which is why the packaging becomes more vital for the treats like candy apples.

These custom printed candy apple boxes are not meant to provide beauty to your product but also keep them safe, preserving their taste for an extended period. These custom boxes come in many shapes and sizes; you can have them per your need and demand.